Animal Concerts organizes live concerts in Metaverse through notable investors like K-pop


Animal Concerts Raises $6.75M in Private Round and $800,000 in Token Sales to Revolutionize the Model of Online Entertainment with Crypto, VR and NFTs

The next-gen entertainment platform, which has previously hosted concerts with Busta Rhymes, Future, Alicia Keys, Meek Mill, Diplo and Gunna, also successfully closed a $6.75 million private round with a group of investors and token buyers.

ZMT Capital, Maven Capital, Metrix Capital, Magnus Capital, Skybridge20, Arkn, Amesten Capital Greenhorns Capital Brotherhood VC, Interstellar Ventures and Sheesha Finance are among the notable investors in the private round. Polygon, Klaytn, Netvrk, Vera and GlobalStar have also contributed through ecosystem grants.

A next-gen metaverse entertainment platform at the intersection of NFTs, VR, games, advertising, distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies, Animal Concerts is a revolutionary way to access music in reality Virtual. The goal is to bring about a paradigm shift in the current concert industry through the use of Web3.

Funds will be used to support a variety of initiatives at Animal Concerts, including finding top performers for metaverse events and collaborative NFT drops, as well as marketing, ecosystem development, sourcing in cash and the growth of the team. An in-person concert was held in Los Angeles on February 12, shortly after the raise, featuring Mill, Diplo, and Gunna. The project concludes two sets of NFT collections: one with an A-lister and their own, as well as hosting a Tier 1 exchange to list the $ANML token in a few months.

The goal of the project is to revolutionize the current live concert and online entertainment industry by signing record deals with musicians and providing a new way to enjoy entertainment events. Revenue generation models such as record deals, ticket sales, retail, advertising, etc. will be more open by this. The project’s white paper highlights significant flaws in the existing gig business, which are addressed by decentralized technologies to ensure a more interactive and fair transaction for all parties.

With real never-before-seen utilities, Animal Concerts is launching its own in-house cryptocurrency specific to the live music industry. The initiative introduces a brand new “Watch-to-Earn” system, in which participants in the metaverse are rewarded for their time and attention. $ANML token holders can buy real goods, meet celebrities virtually, and wager their tokens for a chance to access free concerts.

The $ANML token was also made available for purchase at five project launchpads between January 17 and January 21, before the company raised $800,000 in one week. Launch pads included Vent Finance, Firestarter, Synapse Network, Polkabridge and Starter. The price of the token was $0.0045. The unavailability period was 25% at the TGE, of which 75% was acquired over 6 months. A launch pad is a website that helps find long-term incumbents, incubate and raise awareness, market, and KYC verification.

Next, Animal Concerts plans to list and trade $ANML on a CEX Level 1 exchange. They have also partnered with AscendEX to list $ANML there. Finally, in the next quarter, a hot NFT release in collaboration with an A-lister musician will be released.

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