Billie Eilish shares live videos for ‘TV’ and ‘The 30th’ filmed in Singapore


Billie Eilish has shared two live videos for her recently released and critically acclaimed songs “TV” and “The 30th.”

Both videos were shot in the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, an iconic attraction that symbolizes innovation, sustainability and conservation. Known for its lush urban vegetation and beautifully designed spaces, Singapore immediately resonated with Billie during her HAPPIER THAN EVER, THE WORLD TOUR.

Both videos were directed by Singaporean director Choānn and were shot in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board, as part of their international revival campaign, SingapoReimagine.

“Singapore was one of the first places I went on tour. I was only there for a day and fell in love with it.” Billy explains. “The cloud forest is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. Both of these songs are really, really important to me in so many ways. I feel really connected to them and very personally protective towards them, and I wanted to have a kind of peace with the songs that felt really intimate and personal. It was really comfortable to do that in a place as beautiful as the cloud forest.

Billie Eilish released “TV” and “The 30th” earlier this summer after a surprise live performance and “TV” debut on her HAPPIER THAN EVER, THE WORLD TOUR. “We haven’t played a new song live until it was released since 2017 or 2018,” Billie told viewers before she and her brother FINNEAS performed it for the first time. The studio version of the track ends with a live recording of its concert participant’s vocals, recorded live at the twenty-one thousand seater AO Arena in Manchester.

Both songs are a reminder that 20-year-old Eilish remains one of the most beloved singer-songwriters of his generation. Writing and releasing music that is both observational and reflective about her own life experiences and society – something all the greatest songwriters have done before her. Both songs are available to stream now.

Watch the “TV” clip here:

Watch the music video for “The 30th” here:


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