BOMBER will release the album Nocturnal Creatures in March; “Zarathustra” Music Video Streaming


Don your bandanas, leather jackets and distressed jeans, because heavy metal is about to shine brighter than ever as Swedish newcomers Bomber bring to life the hottest era in hard rock history. Affirming their own mix of classic and hard rock inspired by the 70s and 80s with catchy hooks, top-notch guitar solos and a vibrant aesthetic, Bomber brings you their debut album, Nocturnal Creatures, via Napalm Records which will be released on the 25th March.

With their new single “Zarathustra”, the Swedes take you on a passionate ride through old school rock music. With fiery vocals, melodic guitars and indomitable drumming, the track gets the listener’s pulse racing. For fans of Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Thin Lizzy, Bomber is sure to leave its mark on the modern hard rock scene.

Bombing on “Zarathustra”: “‘Zarathustra’ serves as a mission statement for the band… ‘Here we are, get out of our way’… We wanted to write a big album opener and we really think we found everything in ‘Zarathoustra’. It’s a track filled with loud guitars, big drums and a powerful anthemic chorus. The song is about rising to the occasion and rising to something larger than life. Written as the opening track of the Nocturnal Creatures album, “Zarathustra” is the start of our journey into the night, to a place where you will find something beautiful, dark and heavy – where everything is driven by a beat. strong and filled with great hooks, sure to get you moving in the Nocturnal night.

Watch the music video for “Zarathustra” below.

Nocturnal Creatures marks the great return of the golden age of hard rock.

After explosive concerts in Sweden and a tour of Germany, Swedish hard rock newcomers Bomber prove that the glorious era of rock is not over and they are already setting the highest standards on Nocturnal Creatures. Across ten powerful tracks, the four pieces turn the night into an intoxicating adventure that wins over old and new fans of the premier classic and hard rock genre. The album’s opener and title track ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ opens the doors with epic narration and intersperses the following passionate ride through ‘Zarathustra’, while ‘Fever Eyes’ ensnares tearful soulful choruses and guarantees a rapidly increasing temperature. “Black Pants Magic” emerges into an unforgettable high-class rock experience with its industrious and catchy hook, while songs like “A Walk Of Titans (Hearts Will Break)” and “You’ve Got Demons” surprise with melodies dynamics and the song of Anton Sköld. powerful voice. On “The Tiger,” Bomber sends listeners right into the eye with a raging storm of riffs driven by brilliant grooves, while “Kassiopeia” ignites the strings with its wonderful solos. The Bursting Closer album “Aurora” features the crowning glory of Nocturnal Creatures, taking the 40-minute jaunt to the edge of the world.

With their new studio album, Nocturnal Creatures, Sweden’s rising stars set a milestone in the legacy of hard rock that takes the once majestic genre to new glory – marked by their own particular vision.

Bomber on Nocturnal Creatures: “It’s an album filled with big drums, loud guitars and great vocal performances. But there are certainly many layers and emotional depth to this album as well. We’ve all gone through tough times during the writing process. We strongly believe that putting our heart and soul into the songs makes them more accessible to a wider audience, so we did just that. The conceptual theme of the album is the night, and all that belongs to it. The night is when our imagination is freed and we can truly release all that lives deep within us. Sometimes the night can bring fears, but it can also be a comforting place. We have used these concepts as songwriters to tell you stories of what can happen under the cover of darkness. From stories of spirits and ghosts to the stars above – to stories of love and heartbreak. Going through life has many challenges, it can mean going through a lot of hardship and sacrifice – but it is also about finding our joy, our senses and the good in each of us. That’s what this album is about. Welcome to the night… We are all nocturnal creatures.

Nocturnal Creatures will be available in the following formats:

– CD edition with jewel case
– 1LP Gatefold BLACK
– 1LP Gatefold MARBLED Crystal clear & sky blue – limited to 300 copies worldwide
– Shirt and JC set
– Complete digital album

Pre-order here.

Nocturnal Creatures Tracklist:

“Nocturnal Creatures”
“Fever Eyes”
“A March of Titans (Hearts Will Break)”
“Black Pants Magic”
“The Tiger”
“You Have Demons”
“Hungry for Your Heart”

Video “Zarahustra”:

The bomber is:

Love Anderson: Bass
Anton Sköld: vocals and guitars
Rasmus Grahn: drums and backing vocals
Max Huddén: guitars and backing vocals

(Photo – Mikey Lennartsson)


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