Can’t wait to step up your wardrobe game for live gigs? Let Darshan Raval and Dhvani Bhanushali guide you


Check out Darshan Raval and Dhvani Bhanushali’s style game on Instagram

” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=” for-live-concerts-let-darshan-raval-and-dhvani-bhanushali-guide-you-2-920×518.jpg” width=”920″ height=”518″ alt=”Looking forward to boosting your wardrobe for live concerts? Let Darshan Raval and Dhvani Bhanushali guide you” />

Darshan Raval and Dhvani Bhanushali are two of the most admired and celebrated singers in the Indian music and entertainment industry. The two are absolutely on fire whenever they perform in live shows and not just their voices, ladies and gentlemen, their swaggering fashion game is also what gets a lot of stares and attention among the masses.

Well, to take inspiration from the duo’s style, we think their Instagram feed is the best. Present ability matters to a large extent wherever one performs and that’s where these two lead from the front. Take a look below –

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