CONJURER will release the album Páthos in July; “It Dwells” Music Video Streaming Now


UK metalheads Conjurer will release their new album, Páthos, on July 1 via Nuclear Blast. Celebrating the news, the Midlands quartet have also released Páthos’ debut single, the powerful ‘It Dwells’. Watch the video below and pre-order the new album here.

A triumphant return by Conjurer after their world-renowned debut album Mire in 2018, Páthos are a band flexing their creative muscles, deepening their approach and thinking, and expanding their sound.

Bassist Conor Marshall comments, “I’m thrilled to finally be able to share the album with everyone! I’m sure it’s the same for every band trying to put an album out during the pandemic, but we have the feel like we’ve had it for so long, so it’s nice that it’s not my problem anymore and I can talk about it!”

Opener “It Dwells” is the perfect introduction – earth-shatteringly heavy, unconventional, uniquely beautiful and instantly recognizable as Conjurer. The piece centers on the contradictions of the emotion of ‘fear’ – that fear can be comfortable and constant, haunting and overwhelming. It builds to a breaking point – the need to end the fear of fighting against your will to keep going. The repeated cries of “I will have peace” are an ambivalent statement of defiance: give in or fight, either way the fear is gone.

Commenting on the single, guitarist/vocalist Dan Nightingale said, “I think ‘It Dwells’ is a good introduction to the sound of the record, from the musical influences to the lyrics and how we took from what happened. in our lives. , this is definitely one of our most personal releases. It’s nice to have been able to step up our game with the music videos for this album as well. Good album. Top track. Boss man.”

Páthos is not an album for the faint-hearted or timid. Elements of Sumac, Gojira, old Mastodon and Oathbreaker, the new record is a multi-layered beast – sludge, death, doom, black metal and hardcore influences clash and collide throughout, all masterfully finished by the mix and master exquisite by Will Putney.

Páthos’ fifty-minute runtime is not without its sublime moments, with post-metal nods to Conjurer and PIJN’s acclaimed Curse These Metal Hands project. That a band can be both triumphantly beautiful and jaw-droppingly heavy speaks to Conjurer’s quality and is a sure sign of their future longevity atop the UK music scene.

Páthos will be available in the following formats:

– Digital scrapbook
– CD Digisleeve
– Gatefold 2LP
* White
* Crystal Vintage Rose (Conjurer exclusive)
* Clear with pink and black splashes (NB Mailorder exclusive)
* Burgundy (selected retailers)
* Clear Silver (US Exclusive)

Track list:

“It lives”
“To rot”
“All You Will Remember”
“These Years, Doomed”
“To Suffer Alone”
“In Your Wake”
“Cracks in the Pyre”

Video “It lives”:


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