DAGOBA releases single “The Hunt”; Streaming music videos


Modern French metallurgists, Dagoba, are back. After leaving their mark on the metal scene with their unique blend of metal and breathtaking grooves, touring relentlessly and sharing the stage with legendary artists like Machine Head and In Flames, Dagoba signed with the main label Austrian metal band Napalm Records to take their career to the next level.

On the new single “The Hunt”, the quartet is back with their most ambitious material to date: punishing vocals, guitars infused with groove and modern metal, and a hard-hitting production prove that Dagoba is at the top of his game. art – pushing its limits and incorporating electronic elements seamlessly into their modern metallic formula! Combined with an impressive and ambitious music video, Dagoba hints at what they have planned for their eighth album.

Check out the music video for “The Hunt” below.

Dagoba on their new single and video for “The Hunt”: “We are super happy with this release! “The Hunt” has been our biggest video production so far, and the end result has even exceeded our expectations. Being big fans of Blade Runner, Drive and Akira, it’s super exciting to see the mix of these influences in our own music video. From writing and composing the song to its release, “The Hunt” has been a very long and difficult journey. for us. But the song and video we are releasing turned out to be even more exciting than what we expected when we started the “The Hunt” project. We would like to thank all of our fans and contributors to “The Hunt” who helped us bring this ambitious video project to life. Without them, the video wouldn’t have been as cinematic as it is now. THANK YOU! Stronger together. “

“The Hunt” is available as a standalone single, along with a limited 7-inch vinyl featuring an exclusive remix of “The Hunt”, showing just how far Dagoba can push his electronic influences on his upcoming material – a must-have for many. true fans of modern metal.

Pre-order single 7 “from” The Hunt ” here.


Shawter – voice / machines
Ritch DM – guitar
Kawa – bass
Théo – drums


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