Denzel Curry, Anti-Flag, Wild Beasts and more live videos to watch


Cities have started to reopen (NYC is in the early stages) and some people are finding socially remote ways to host concerts, but the world of live entertainment as we know it is still far from normal. . Aside from watching the many livestreams that happen every day, one thing we’ve turned to in these non-concert times is the live concert footage, and luckily there is YouTube which has an incredible array of live footage. from all the history of pop music, from movie clips of concerts, TV performances and other professional filming footage, to tons of videos made by fans of shows. If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve picked out some of our favorites. Here are five more:

Denzel Curry @ Rolling Loud Miami 2019

Between 2018 TA13OO, 2019 ZUU, and now this year UNLOCKED, Denzel Curry has released one fantastic album a year for the past three years, and his music has haunted me again lately because it was part of one of the most powerful new protest songs, “PIG FEET “from Terrace Martin. Here’s a great professional multi-camera video of the Florida native killing him at the home state’s Rolling Loud festival last year, just before ZUU came out of. He put out a marching band, Twelve’len, Members Only, City Morgue (and ZillaKami separately), and the whole show was as intense as we’ve ever seen Denzel perform. He really has this gigantic crowd of festival-goers. [Andrew Sacher]

Anti-Flag @ Resurrection Fest 2018

The Pittsburgh Anti-Flag punks have been speaking out against injustice for 25 years, so it’s no surprise that amid the historic nationwide protests against racism and police brutality, they’ve been as outspoken as ever, and they’ve gone on. to help raise awareness and raise funds for various good causes. (They recently threw a raffle to benefit Black Lives Matter with a custom “fuck white supremacy” distortion pedal and a live album with real pieces of a burnt American flag pressed into the vinyl.) Anti-Flag is a band that really encourages and inspires change, and they do that not only with their music but also on stage between songs. Before playing “Fuck Police Brutality” Chris # 2 lists the names of recent victims of police brutality and dedicates the song to them, and throughout the show he continues to give impassioned speeches that make you feel like you are in a protest rally than a punk show (all while wearing an “FCK NZS” shirt). It’s really empowering to be in the crowd at one of these shows, surrounded by thousands of other people who are a firm part of the resistance against injustice. And while we can’t attend concerts at the moment, it’s empowering to see the thousands of people in this video raising their fists in solidarity against oppression. [Andrew Sacher]

serpentavecpieds @ FORM Arcosanti – 05/11/2018

serpentwithfeet released their excellent debut LP, ground, in June 2018. This Arizona festival show predates its release by about a month, but showcases much of its stunning beauty. It’s in the resplendent voice of Josiah Wise, and the unexpected touches of humor in her performance. [Amanda Hatfield]

The Dears @ Paradiso, Amsterdam 07/05/2005

Unsung heroes of the Montreal scene, The Dears mixed drama and anthemic choruses when the Arcade Fire was still only a glint in Win Butler’s eyes. The group’s album in 2003 No more cities remains a highlight and they toured the album for two years with the group’s “classic” formation which included guitarist Patrick Krief and drummer George Donoso. Here they are in Amsterdam in 2005, when they started adding songs that would end in 2006 Bunch of losers, to all. They always thrill. [Bill Pearis]

Wild Beasts @ Hoxton Hall, London 08/07/2009

Wild Beasts second album, Two dancers, is their masterpiece and it was the London release show for this album. Vocalists Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming were a two-headed beast, swapping vocals (and instruments) as drummer Chris Talbot played heavy beats and guitarist Ben Little wove atmospheric cobwebs with his instrument. As you can see here, it was an amazing live band. [Bill Pearis]

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