Depeche Mode, Kendrick Lamar and more live videos to watch at home


Basically no shows are happening due to the coronavirus outbreak (although some performers are doing live broadcasts instead), but if you already feel like seeing a show, or just need to a brief distraction from the madness of the world right now, luckily there is YouTube which has an incredible range of live footage from all the history of pop music, movie clips of concerts, TV performances and more. professional filming footage, to tons of videos shot by show fans. If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve picked out some of our favorites. Here are five more:

Depeche Mode at the Chichester Festival 12/03/1981

They would become global superstars known for their black eyeliner and Black celebration but Depeche Mode started out as a bubbly synthpop creation, thanks in large part to Vince Clarke who wrote almost all of their first tracks, including the singles “Just Can’t Get Enough”, “Dreaming of Me” and “New Life. “. Vince Clarke left the band at the end of 1981, after Depeche Mode released their debut album, Speak & Spell – and then co-founded Yaz and Erasure – and it was the last gig he performed with them. . It is a real journey to see how everything was primitive, young (very young!) And discreet. [Bill Pearis]

Inside Out @ Spanky’s Cafe in Riverside, CA – 5/19/1990

One of the most anticipated tours this year before the pandemic called every tour into question was the Rage Against the Machine reunion tour. With rage still on everyone’s mind, Hate5six just uploaded this killer video (filmed by Joe Nelson) of Zack’s pre-Rage band from Rocha Inside Out – whose lineup also included Vic DiCara (108, Burn, Shelter, etc.) and other hardcore veterans notables – heartbreaking it in 1990. Considering Rage was going to headline big festivals and huge arenas, it’s mostly a trip to watch Zack totally in his element on a little hardcore show like this. . As a bonus: they played “Deathbed,” which eventually became a 108 song for the 1995 classic. Songs of separation. [Andrew Sacher]

Black Hippy @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas 2013

Last week TDE released a bunch of new songs, including – among others – a really good Ab-Soul song, his first in four years. It took me back to when Kendrick Lamar wasn’t a superstar yet and the entire Black Hippy team – Kendrick, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock – played concerts together more regularly. The four of them are great on their own, but they have a real chemistry when they are together and these shows were super fun. We saw them at the Downtown Music Festival in New York in 2013, and here’s a video of the band a few months later at Power 106’s Cali Christmas, where P. Diddy appeared as a surprise guest. [Andrew Sacher]

Art Brut @ Schuba’s 11/15/2005

Art Brut has just celebrated the 15th anniversary of its first album, Bang Bang Rock & Roll, one of the nicest and most exuberant records of 2005 from “Formed a Band” to “My Little Brother”, “Emily Kane”, “Good Weekend” and up to “18,000 Lira”. Singer / lyricist Eddie Argos was a big part of their appeal and his charms were even more appealing live. Here they are in their prime, in Chicago, on the Bang Bang Rock & Roll Tour, with Agos as a freelance motivational speaker, encouraging everyone to form bands. I wonder how many actually started at his request? [Bill Pearis]

Mitski @ The Red Barn at Hampshire College – 11/24/2014

We loved the theatrical and concept performances Mitski did for his tour supporting the excellent Be the cowboy, but this video is from much earlier in his career; it was recorded a week after the release of his groundbreaking album, 2014 Bury me in Makeout Creek, and it’s a solo and acoustic performance where the emotion in the songs really shines through. With Mitski on indefinite hiatus from touring, it was going to be a while before we could see her again before the lockdown even struck – let alone in an intimate performance like this. [Amanda Hatfield]

For more of our favorite live videos, head here.


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