DISTANT Releases New Single “Human Scum”; Streaming music videos


Distant, the multinational juggernaut that emerged from Rotterdam, the Netherlands as well as Bratislava, Slovakia, has released their new single, “Human Scum.” Find the song on your favorite streaming platform and watch the official video below:

Century Media Records recently announced the signing of Distant. The band states: “We are beyond thrilled to sign with one of the biggest metal labels in the world, Century Media Records. With their perfect basis for the next sagas of our tradition, you can expect many more dark and diabolical albums from our camp.

To celebrate their signing, Distant released their track “Exoflith”, which is now available on all digital platforms. Check out the music video below:

Since their formation in 2014 and the release of their first EP, Tsukuyomi, Distant have released two studio albums, Tyrannotophia (2019) and Aeons of Oblivion (2021), as well as two EPs, Dawn Of Corruption (2020) and Dusk Of Anguish ( 2021). However, Distant have crossed the boundaries of deathcore and created nothing less than their own multidisciplinary universe by adding the fictional novel The Rise of Tyrannotophia to the mix that accompanies Aeons Of Oblivion.

In the past the band has played shows all over the world such as the Chaos and Carnage Tour with Lorna Shore, Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Upon A Burning Body and AngelMaker (USA) and have supported their Lorna Shore friends for a handful of shows in the UK.

Line up:

Vladimir Golic (rhythm guitar)
Jan Mato (drums)
Alan Grnja (vocals)
Elmer Maurits (bass)
Nouri Yetgin (lead guitar)

(Photo – Luca Roman)


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