e-connect.expert view extends online support to include live video


A picture says more than a thousand words and a video more than a photo. ENGEL is expanding the service scope of its online support and remote maintenance offering to include live video calls. About three-quarters of all urgent service cases can be solved remotely in this way. Repair times are reduced by 70%.

e-connect.expert view is the name of the service that ENGEL developed and tested in cooperation with many customers during the Corona pandemic, when on-site service support was not possible to the usual extent. The number of service cases that can be resolved online has increased significantly with this innovation. It increases the availability of production cells, minimizes downtime and reduces service costs.

Through regular online support, the ENGEL service technician has access to the control interface of the injection molding machine. The new e-connect.expert view web application uses video to provide additional information about the status of machine components and the injection molding machine environment. In this way, more causes of errors can be identified and resolved using a remote connection, without the need for someone on site.


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