Facebook slips a screen sharing feature into live videos


Facebook has quietly launched a new Live Video feature that makes sharing your screen a painless experience. Instead of downloading a third-party service, you can now simply click on the “Share Screen” button that appears once you enter the Live module on the desktop. TheNextWeb’s Matt Navarra has discovered the new sharing option, which doesn’t appear to be experimental, as we were able to enable the feature for our account even outside of the US.

When you click on the Share Screen option for the first time, a pop-up window will ask you if you want to add the “Facebook Screen Sharing” extension. We tested and successfully installed it on Chrome. After that, a module will appear asking if you want to share your whole screen or if you just want to share a specific tab or a specific app. Like TheNextWeb said, it’s pretty basic – you can’t insert a video of yourself in the bottom corners while you’re casting your screen, for example. It also doesn’t produce the clearest videos, but if you’re not streaming for a living anyway, the option seems good enough to use whenever you want to share with friends.

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