Guest conductors “audition” at live concerts


The symphony will feature 6 guest conductors over the season and the winner will take the reins going forward.

WINSTON-SALEM, NC — This is an unusual method but one that can be effective.

If you attend one of the 6 symphony concerts this season, you will see another captain in charge… and for good reason.

“So over the course of the season, myself and 5 other contestants will be holding a LIVE audition at these concerts,” said guest conductor Andrew Grams, “Each concert will showcase the talents of a conductor. different orchestra, with the winner getting the job of music director at the end of the season.”

Guest conductors will have a week to rehearse their gigs, learn all the nuances and get to know the musicians before leading the band for two days on the weekend.

Grams will wield the baton on September 17 and 18 with talented violinist Simone Porter.

“It’s a challenge but I think I can speak for all other conductors when I say we all have different talents and personalities and we’ll leave all of that up to the public and the symphony association to decide” , Grimes continued, “It’s almost like reality TV but in person.”.

If you need ticket information, visit their website.


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