Here are the top-grossing North American musical tours of 2018


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With $ 277 million in gross receipts on her Reputation tour, Taylor Swift tops the list of most successful North American tours this year, according to new data released by Pollstar. The singer is officially only $ 74.3 million away from reaching $ 1 billion in sales alone through touring throughout her career.

Swift’s end-of-year success doesn’t end there. The artist recently announced a deal with Netflix: On New Years Eve, the network will release a film about its Reputation tour, which will include behind-the-scenes footage. Swift posted the trailer for the production on her own Instagram account:

Interestingly, according to the same data released by Pollstar, Swift drops to number two when measured across global emissions. The top spot on this list goes to Ed Sheeran, who grossed $ 432 million and sold 4,860,482 tickets worldwide, setting the all-time touring record in a calendar year, on the tour ÷ of this year.

The list of top-grossing US tours continues with Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s collaboration, On the Run II, number two (grossed $ 166.4 million and sold 1,298,038 tickets); the 2018 Eagles North American Tour ($ 166 million in gross sales and 964,245 tickets sold) ranked third; Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun tour is in fourth place ($ 114 million in gross sales and 1,297,731 tickets sold) and Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods tour is in fifth place ($ 110 million in gross sales and 791,780 tickets sold).

Here is the top ten list, complete with numbers:

1. Taylor Swift

Gross sales: $ 277.3 million

Tickets sold: 1,268,706

2. Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Gross sales: $ 166.4 million

Tickets sold: 1,298,038

3. Eagles

Gross sales: $ 166 million

Tickets sold: 964,245

4. Kenny Chesney

Gross sales: $ 114.4 million

Tickets sold: 1,297,731

5. Justin Timberlake

Gross sales: $ 110 million

Tickets sold: 791,780

6. Ed Sheeran

Gross sales: $ 105 million

Tickets sold: 1,136,497

7. Voyage / Def Leppard

Gross sales: $ 97.8 million

Tickets sold: 1,000,272

8. Rose

Gross sales: $ 95.3 million

Tickets sold: 688,558

9. Springsteen on Broadway

Gross sales: $ 88.3 million

Tickets sold: 173,461

10. Drake

Gross sales: $ 79 million

Tickets sold: 678,410

According to Pollstar, “The annual ranking of the top performing artists in the concert industry is compiled for all shows in the world worked between November 23, 2017 and November 21, 2018. All ticket sales figures are calculated in dollars. American and are based on reported information and detailed information. research by Pollstar. “


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