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After becoming a part of Facebook, Instagram has many features ranging from status stories to live videos and other miscellaneous features have been added to the Instagram app. Live videos are not a new feature, people are using it on a number of social media channels including Facebook and Instagram. But the thing after posting or ending the live videos, they automatically disappeared. On Instagram, a user can share the live videos as video status once it is done, but what if you need it in the future. Because Instagram image or video status stories only live for 24 hours after that, they disappeared automatically. Also, like Instagram picture status stories, the video status cannot be seen in the archive or saved later for viewing.

But in the latest Instagram update, you can save the live videos after finishing in your smartphone gallery. Here is the tutorial for how to use Instagram Live video backup feature on android and iPhone

To note: First, please update your Instagram to the latest version because the old version can’t save live videos.

Save Instagram live stream videos after posting/ending them to your gallery

  1. Open the Instagram app and drag the right side to get the Live video option.
  2. Now press SartLive video button to start live video on Instagram
  3. Once you have successfully posted your Live Video to your friends and you want to end it, just press the TO FINISH option given on the right side of the corner.
  4. Instagram asks for your confirmation to end the live video, select the EndLive video option.
  5. After completing the live video, you will get a TO SAFEGUARD option at the top right of your screen.
  6. Tap this option and your Instagram live video will be automatically saved in the gallery of your smartphone.
  7. Also on the same screen, you will see a blue color toggle button to share your live video directly as your Instagram video status. But be sure to save it to your gallery first before sending it as a video status because once you leave this screen you will lose your live video and there is no way to retrieve.
  8. If you shared your Live video on Instagram then it can be replayed over and over again for up to 24 hours after which it will also disappear. Also, if you use Instagram on multiple devices with the same account, the saved video will only be in the gallery of that smartphone, where you saved it.

Step-by-step screenshots

Instagram Live Video Backup Featurerecord live videos on instagram

option to save live videos after posting Instagram option to share live videos

Saved live video from Instagram to phone gallery…

Instagram live videos in phone gallery after posting

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