I want to tour music, make singles and also explore the web space as an actor: Aditya Narayan

Singer-host Aditya Narayan is set to host reality show Superstar Singer 2. Recently, however, he said he plans to stop hosting reality shows. to conclusions too quickly. When I said I was saying goodbye to my hosting duties on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in March, many people assumed that my journey as a TV host was now over. Yes, I want to branch out and do other things, but not before I finish my previous show commitments. I had signed up for Superstar Singer 2 earlier. So too, for the next season of Indian Idol. Only when these two shows are over can I focus on other things.

Speaking more about music reality shows, he said, “The format may have stayed the same on every show, but when the makers sign me, I have to give my best because there is a huge responsibility. Sometimes they say I’m their lucky charm, but I think anchoring takes tons of hard work to get ratings and viewership.

Aditya shared that he now wants to try other things in the showbiz world. He said: “I get offers to judge shows and that excites me. I’m not 17-18 and as you get older you want different things. I’m glad to be able to choose interesting things. I want to tour music, do singles and also explore the web space as an actor.

On a personal note, Aditya’s daughter Tvisha is 40 days old and the singer enjoys spending time with his baby girl and wife Shweta. “She is a bundle of joy and all my attention has shifted to her. Previously it was all about me, my work and my goals. But, now, my focus is only on Tvisha and her future “I want to give her the best in life. At the same time, I also focus on Shweta because a woman goes through a lot before the baby is born and now when she raises the baby,” he said. declared.


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