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Instagram is working on a new method through which scheduled live videos can appear on users’ profiles. Other ongoing projects include adding external links to scheduled live videos and a full monetization program for Reels.

Live videos have been slow to find their way onto Instagram, but they are now well on their way to becoming one of the most successful and interactive forms of content on the platform. Live videos have particularly benefited from Twitch and YouTube, as these sites have helped develop both ideas and a general sense of direction for uploading; something Instagram users desperately needed to learn. We will no longer have an uncomfortably quiet QnA with users with around 700 subscribers. Now, live videos can be used for live video game streams, interactive board game sessions, live music, and more. Finally, someone is really having fun with the format.

A new feature Instagram is working on will allow users to schedule live videos so that they appear in advance on their Instagram profiles, the app researcher notes. Alexander Paluzzi. This is very similar to the “go live in ETA _” videos that appear on Twitch or YouTube. Since the live video is there before it is edited, it is much easier for users to access it. People can usually even expect a greater reaction from the public, simply because of the improved accessibility. This is a good feature to add, and helps ensure that fewer users miss the Instagram Live experience.

Another characteristic, identified by Alexander Paluzzi, added to scheduled Live videos concerns the addition of external links. Now, scheduled live videos can have links to built-in external platforms, allowing users to click on a relevant link that will explain the goals and objectives of live video, professional or otherwise. Users can set up chat rooms shortly before the corresponding live broadcast begins. This way, everyone can interact with each other on live videos and embedded platforms, and even share common interactions.

Finally, Instagram’s Reels is doing very well on its own, but can always do better. No need to copy TikTok as a platform if you’re not going to be able to beat them in terms of viewers. Then again, other such platforms, namely YouTube Shorts, benefit greatly from the fact that users are paid by the YouTube company. A similar concept has been added here for the creators. The total pool is approximately US $ 8,500. However, there is a catch: Users can only reach the full amount at a total of 9.28 million views, which seems overkill to the point of limiting control.

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