Instagram may soon allow users to set moderators on live videos, like stories


Instagram has been adding more features to its video features for quite some time, and now we have our first look at what could be the next big addition to Instagram’s live videos. The platform will apparently add the ability for users to set moderators for live videos.

A new leak from tipster Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) on Twitter suggests that users who go live on video on the platform will now have the option to set a moderator for the session. The moderator will be allowed to manage comments for the duration of this session.

Check out the tweet below.

The tweets also suggest that Instagram will now allow users to set only one moderator among those who have already joined the session. Both the live user and the user set as moderator will need to be on the latest update to use the new feature.

This feature could be a great addition for people hosting live video sessions in front of large audiences, where commentary can become difficult for the person going live to handle. It could also be very handy for celebrities who often have public profiles, where live streams are accessible to virtually all Instagram users, including those who wish to post vulgar, discouraging or other malicious messages.

Users will soon be able to “like” stories

Instagram is also testing the ability to “like” Stories. Users will soon be able to tap a separate like button on a story that piques their interest. Here’s what the feature might look like. Stories have become one of Instagram’s most popular features, driving a lot of daily engagement.

Likes would appear in a separate section, which should prevent the platform from bludgeoning story reactions with DMs (direct messages), which many Instagram users find annoying.


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