Instagram will now allow creators to practice live videos


Anyone who’s ever done an Instagram Live will know the preparation behind it, making sure everything is perfect: lighting, volume, internet connection, the works. I don’t count myself among those creators, but I can imagine it’s quite a stressful process for those who do.

However, Instagram is changing that and helping its dedicated Live creators. A herd of new features are coming to the appenabling a change in the way Live is used.

For one, creators can now schedule their next live sessions up to 90 days before the event. They can also tell their subscribers that a Live is coming, allowing them to keep fans up to date and ready for whatever surprises the Live has in store.

Next (and, I suppose, perhaps the best news) is an additional feature called “Practice Mode”. With this, creators can apparently check their connection before a Live begins, as well as preview the lighting and general environment of the upcoming video.

The tweaks can speak to Instagram’s broader motivations. Adam Mosseri, the owner of the app, recently told his users and the world that Instagram is “is no longer just a square photo sharing app.” He went on to announce that the platform will work to build and improve four key areas: creators, video, shopping, and messaging.


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With these new Live features, they are certainly at the service of creators. And for the rest of us (especially the camera shy ones), that just means a lot more content can come our way.


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