[Interview] Animal Concerts CEO Colin Fitzpatrick: Stream Metaverse Live Concerts with Celebrities


Animal Concerts streams live concerts in the Metaverse. They have already streamed huge celebrities like Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes, and Future, and are partnering with investment group Klaytn, Kakao’s global public blockchain project to bring K-pop into the metaverse as well. Colin Fitzpatrick is a 20-year technology industry veteran with a distinguished career with companies including Oracle, Salesforce, HubSpot and Dell, in roles spanning sales, marketing, programs and management. He has a real passion for people, leading teams and working with high growth companies. Originally from Ireland but now living in Dubai, Colin has always had a keen interest in the tech space but has been fascinated by the Crypto space since becoming a Crypto convert in 2015. His other main passion is music , having been a DJ and club party organizer for many years – Colin has fantastic energy and enthusiasm in everything he does.

Korea IT Times interviewed Colin Fitzpatrick, CEO of Animal Concerts, about the platform’s various benefits for different types of users, native token ($ANML), “watch to win”, some proprietary technologies, including celebrities are involved, and future plans.

Colin Fitzpatrick

What are the benefits of Animal Concerts for recording artists?

When an artist works with Animal Concert, their entire journey to the metaverse is streamlined and supported. Not only do we first show our proof of worth to these top artists by delivering an exceptionally well-organized and executed physical concert, but we then begin to explore with these artists how they envision entering Web 3.0 with their base. of fans. When an artist enters the Animal Concerts ecosystem, they will quickly generate a new revenue stream that they have never seen before, for example, digital ticket revenue, NFT collection revenue, and merchandising revenue digital, to name a few. Another key benefit of working with us is how artists will be able to seamlessly play a live-streamed concert in our own Metaverse, which will have greater impact and engagement for the fanbases of those artists using our platform. rather than theirs. The whole life cycle of an artist delivering music to their fans has changed dramatically and working with Animal Concerts keeps that fanbase in constant touch with their favorite artists. All from the comfort of their own home.

What are the benefits of Animal Concerts for concert attendees?

For fans, it’s all about interacting with the artist. For starters, attendees can watch our upcoming concerts in person in a traditional sense. Entering the Metaverse through our ecosystem allows attendees to experience everything concert-related under one roof. They can first buy our token ($ANML) and use the coin as a medium of exchange to buy tickets for shows and other NFTs on all supported channels. Once they have purchased the ticket and gained access to our Metaverse concert, they can use our token ($ANML) to purchase items such as limited edition merchandise, VIP passes, virtual meetups and greetings for holders, and much more! The participant benefits are really exciting where we are empowering the community to get involved and participate in future decisions that the Animal Concerts team will make through the on-chain cash that will be structured.

Is it correct to say that Animal Concerts is creating a cryptocurrency specific to the concert industry?

It’s definitely a good way to position ourselves in a basic use case around cryptocurrency. We intend to revolutionize the music industry and digitize it towards Web 3.0, with Animal Concerts as an example. The Animal Token ($ANML) will be the currency of the future when it comes to transacting for future concerts supported by the Animal Concerts ecosystem. While animal ($ANML) is strongly positioned in the gig industry, you would say there are other utilities underlying the token that lie outside of the gig industry, such as our governance rights , our staking abilities, to name a few.

Can you explain the new “Watch-to-Earn” model introduced by Animal Concerts?

This will be achieved through our partnership with Netvrk! It is a metaverse built on blockchain on Unreal Engine, which allows anyone to monetize their NFT creation. This collaboration will allow us to reduce our infrastructure costs and create incentive ways to reward users for their participation! More details to come on this in due course.

Have the celebrities you enlisted been seduced by the idea of ​​animal concerts? What is the adoption among established singers?

Well, I’d say given that we were able to book Future, Busta Rhymes and Alicia Keys before our first official funding round closed, that’s pretty impressive in my opinion. These top artists have prepared to work with Animal Concerts not only because we can take them to the metaverse in the most seamless and easy way, but because our team has strong ties to the music industry. music, so they are very believable in delivering exceptional parties in person! The more we scale and get these awesome artists under our belt like Alicia Keys, the more credible we will be as an organization and in turn will attract and have attracted many more artists looking to reach the animal scene next!

Can you tell us more about the Animal Concerts “engagement analysis” system?

Our backend analytics platform will provide in-depth insights and other engagement telemetry on how users are interacting during events, as well as media views, news, artist posts on social media and content launches are announced with our community and marketplace. This dashboard will be accessible to artists to provide them with special insights on how their fans are interacting with our digital platforms and ecosystem, i.e. their NFT collections, live stream concert, etc.

What’s next on the Animal Concert roadmap?

We have an amazing NFT drop collaborating with a great artist that we can’t wait to release more details about, but for now you can know that these will be exclusive and have a lot of utility behind them. Alongside the NFT release with a top artist, we’ll also be launching our very own Animal Concerts collection that we all knew was coming! Alongside our IEO which is scheduled for the first quarter of this year, and a few other artists who will soon be booked, including the next gig venue, we have a lot in the works and it’s going to be exciting to see our story unfold. unfold in the short term.

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