Is your favorite artist on the list?


It looks like we’re slowly breaking out of what has become the ‘new normal’ of masks, social distancing, and hand sanitizers. As vaccines become more common and recommended and / or required (depending on what region you are in), things like reopening businesses, people returning to work, and acts going back on tour are happening. . I’ve never been a big fan of shows. I live in a small town that the big touring groups have never been to. When I lived in a big metropolitan city, it was quite different. Guess that’s where I got used to watching live performances on Youtube and streaming services. That is why Recent article from Popsugar about 11 artists who will be on tour next year certainly caught my attention. Is your favorite artist on the list? There are certainly probably more that aren’t on this one. But let’s talk about it.

Artists who will go on tour next year.

I’ve been a stan of Dua Lipa since her Grammy performance this year. I might have caught on late, but I loved watching her take the stage with such grace and ease. The talk was that she had “improved in performance”, but in my eyes she was excellent from the start.

The same with Justin Bieber. Before the release of his new music, it seemed like he was pretty quiet in Hollywood. Once Peaches hit and his singles, he didn’t turn much. It’s great to hear that he will be doing more performances for his music outside of his limited performances with The Kid Laroi. And the weekend ? It’s the same story! Everyone and their grandma watched this year half-time performance at the Superbowl. To hear that he will be on tour! What a treat. Next year will be a big year in live music with more announcements to come.

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