Michael Bolton prepares his return to live concerts: “My voice can’t wait to come out”

ABC / Craig Sjodin

Like almost every other music star on the planet, Michael bolton was sidelined by the pandemic and was unable to tour. Unlike most other music stars, Michael has been busy performing on ABC for the past few months. The celebrity dating game, where he used his famous voice for comedic effect. Still, he admits he’s gotten a bit rusty and now needs to work to prepare his voice to get back on stage.

Michel will come back to tour in September, when he does a major UK tour on September 25, followed by a few shows in the US in November and December. He says he’s already started to prepare to sing his signature hits.

“You know, I’m not silent… I speak, I just don’t use the full voice: high Cs and big notes,” Michael told ABC Audio. “In fact, I’m literally starting to do the [warm-up] routines. And so there is a little rust, there is a little sealing.

“The vocal cords are basically muscles,” he explains. “So you have to use them, stretch them, make them stronger. And my little repetition here and there has been very promising, like, my voice is anxious to come out.

During this time you can catch Michael on The Celebrity Dating Game, which airs Monday nights on ABC. On the show, real celebrities pose as potential dates, and Michael sings song parodies to comment on the action and give contestants clues as to who each celebrity is.

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