MICHAEL MONROE Releases New Single “Everybody’s Nobody”; Official release of music videos


Former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe will release I Live Too Fast To Die Young, his new slice of raw rock ‘n’ roll heaven, this Friday, June 10, worldwide via Silver Lining Music. Monroe’s latest single/video, “Everybody’s Nobody”, is out now.

“It’s an ironic story about letting go of the ‘good old days’ and finding the things that make you happy here and now,” Monroe offers on the new single. “A lot of artists in our position seem content to bask in the glow of nostalgia instead of striving forward. And since they have never “made it big”, they prefer to affirm that they never really wanted to.

“The title can also talk about your own worth…everyone has at least been nobody and that’s already an achievement in itself,” Monroe laughs.

The single comes with a no-nonsense video showing the band strutting the streets like rock-punk poets, storytellers who’ve seen it all!

“Punk will always be there, it’s part of my thing and part of our sound,” Monroe continues on the album. “And overall, I think we’ve really renewed the sound of the band in the best possible way without moving away from who and what we are.”

Monroe continues, “I’ve always wanted to maintain the excitement and curiosity in life, to keep that childlike spirit and excitement about things and not get complacent, not get tired. Sure, I can be cynical and sarcastic, and I’ve had bad luck, but then again, who has? And I still have a lot of things to look forward to. It doesn’t take much to be happy. To be able to do what I love the most and make a living from it is a gift.

With I Live Too Fast To Die Young, it’s clear that Michael Monroe is stepping into summer with a triumphant – and perhaps most important, defiant – roar to give you a chance to let go (or get back up! ) enjoy the freedom of joyful celebration and expression.

I Live Too Fast To Die Young will be available on CD Digipak, 12″ Red Vinyl, Signed Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl with Alternative Artwork, Digital Download, Streaming and special D2C bundles. Available for pre-order now, here.

Track list:

“Murder Summer of Love”
“Young Drunks and Old Alcoholics”
“Abandoned Palace”
“All Fighters”
“Everybody’s Nobody”
“I can’t stop falling apart”
“Pagan Prayer”
“No guilt”
“I live too fast to die young”
“Dear deceased”

Video “I can’t stop falling apart”:

“Murder The Summer Of Love” Lyric Video:

The band are due to appear in a series of summer festival shows and will be touring in support of the album. For tickets and more information, go here.

Composition of the group:

Michael Monroe – vocals, harmonica
Steve Conte – guitars, vocals
Rich Jones – guitars, vocals
Karl Rockfist – drums
Sami Yaffa – bass, vocals, guitar

Additional musicians:

Slash – guitar solo and additional guitars on “I Live Too Fast To Die Young”
Lenni-Kalle Taipale – Piano on “Antisocialite” & “Can’t Stop Falling Apart”
Suvi Aalto & Astrid Nicole – Additional backing vocals on “Can’t Stop Falling Apart” & “Murder The Summer Of Love”
Neil Leyton – Additional backing vocals on “Everybody’s Nobody”, “Murder The Summer Of Love”, and “All Fighter”

– Recorded and mixed by Erno “Error” Laitinen at Inkfish Studios, Helsinki, Finland
– Produced by Erno “Error” Laitinen, Michael Monroe, Rich Jones, Sammi Yafa, Steve Conte & Karl Rockfist
– Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers
– Additional recording by Bobby Nieminen at Raymond’s Barn
– Piano recorded at Sonic Pump Studios, recording assistant Tommi Saarinen
– Slash guitars designed by John Ewing


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