Mikey Rukus ‘Definitely’ Wants to Do More Live Shows; Has worked on the AEW game since June 2021


Mikey Rukus talks about hopes for future AEW Music gigs and working on the next console video game.

Mikey Rukus recently hosted the first-ever AEW music concert ahead of the Revolution pay-per-view in Orlando, Florida. Now Mikey is telling Sean Ross Sapp he definitely wants to do more and there have been brief talks regarding the next pay-per-view weekend, Memorial Day weekend for Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, Nevada. .

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“We had a few talks yesterday, a few quick talks about Double or Nothing. I really want to expand on what we did last night. We had a very quick prep for this one, so hopefully we can highlight and make it more interactive. Not just for the fans, but also with the talent involved. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I have to present the plan after today. But if it flies, it’s fine be pretty wild. It’s gonna be pretty wild,” Rukus said.

Mikey is also working on the console video game AEW. He says he’s been working on the game’s music since June last year and revealed some details regarding a career mode and original in-game theme songs for created wrestlers.

“I worked on the [console] video game music since June of last year. It was a long process. We will have the entire AEW music library in the game. I have a load of original wrestler creation themes in the video game. There are other elements related to the historical content in the career mode. I can’t go too far on this. But there is a lot to work on there. I wanted to make sure people had a great audio experience with it. I’m still, even though we had a tough deadline two weeks ago to get it all, I’m still getting little bits of stuff that they add to the game. So they’re contacting me and they’re in Japan, so I’m getting the email in the middle of the night. So it’s like, ‘Okay. I go up to work on it. But it’s really cool. It’s something I’ve wanted to get into for a very, very long time. It’s really hard to find a way into the video game industry. But again, with AEW, they gave me the opportunity not only with mobile gaming, but also with console gaming. Rukus said.

Kenny Omega recently provided an update on the game and what they hope has been involved. Learn more at this link.

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