Music tours in Russia cancelled, but film, TV and streaming continue – Deadline


The invasion of Ukraine is costing Russia on the home front as well as in combat.

While Russia’s banks, sports and media have already been hit with sanctions, denials and a cyberwar that has taken down many sites, the entertainment sector is also starting to feel the effects.

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THE MUSIC: The Russians have already been banned from the Eurovision Song Contest. Today, Green Day canceled a show scheduled for a Moscow stadium scheduled for May 29 at Spartak Stadium. They join pop group AJR, who cut their scheduled October show in Mosow.

Many Western artists have performances scheduled in Russia this year. They include Tricky, Bring Me the Horizon, Khalid, OneRepublic, Yungblud, Judas Priest, and OneRepublic, among others.

Leonid & Friends, a Russian band specializing in brass covers of the band Chicago and others, has toured the United States several times to clubs and theaters. This published on facebook his disappointment on Friday about the situation in Ukraine.

MOVIE: The conflict in Europe is also expected to impact film and television production in Eastern Europe and Russia in the coming months. Ukraine’s thriving film production industry was clearly derailed by the Russian invasion.

The fate of existing content is less certain, and so far appears to be largely untouched by the Ukraine invasion.

Russia is the world’s fourth-largest film market, with around 90 million tickets sold in 2020, according to Russia also released 66 films for distribution to foreign audiences in 2020, down from a total of 94 in 2019 due to the pandemic.

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So far, there has been no movement to ban imports of American films into Russia. This week, moviegoers in this country can watch the local premieres of the MGM/United Artist film Dog and Liam Neeson’s thriller Black light.

Warner Bros. The Batman is still slated for a March 2 premiere, two days before it opens in the United States. Disney/Pixar turn red also plays in Russian cinemas.

Parmount also brings its 50th anniversary reissue of The Godfather in Russia.

Last year, eight of the 10 highest-grossing films came from Hollywood, with Sony Pictures“Venom: Let There Be Carnage the top title.

TV: Many American TV shows, including game of thrones and Once upon a time, have been on Russian TV. Some streaming services are available in Russia. Netflix is ​​popular, but not all of its catalog is available. Hulu and Disney+ are only accessible with a VPN.


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