Olivia Rodrigo Accused of Using ‘Blaccent’ in Instagram Live Videos, Fans Demand Apology


OLIVIA Rodrigo has been accused of using a “blaccent” in resurfaced Instagram Live videos.

Fans have called on the 18-year-old singer to apologize for the clips.


Olivia has been accused of using a ‘blaccent’ in resurfaced videos
Many have expressed outrage over Olivia's use of slang


Many have expressed outrage over Olivia’s use of slang
Fans demanded the teenager apologize


Fans demanded the teenager apologize

On Wednesday, a Twitter user shared past clips of Olivia holding her phone and said, “I’m into fashion. It’s crazy!”

In subsequent clips, the Brutal singer said she was “emotional AF” and regularly used words like “y’all” and “Imma.”

Next to the video compilation, Twitter user @beytilldawn wrote, “olivia rodrigo uses AAVE constantly and it pisses me off. the black accent…”

AAVE stands for African American Vernacular English.

The same Twitter user found earlier tweets written by the star, which included the teenager using words such as “homegirl” and “crine”.

After sharing the video, the Twitter user wrote, “If you think that’s it, here’s a bunch of tweets that make me cringe.”

In response to Olivia’s tweet in which she said she was “screamed,” the reviewer wrote, “You use the mane when you LAUGH when something is FUNNY…”


Other social media users took to Twitter to slam Olivia for using a ‘black accent’, as one person wrote: ‘Really? As a black woman, I think this post is actually more offensive than what you’re actually accusing her of. Just be aware that most pop culture is influenced by black culture.

“Genz slang is literally mostly AAVE which is becoming more and more popular.

“Olivia is a child growing up in a time when black culture influences society so much that people don’t even know they are influenced by black culture.”

Another person called Olivia’s “double standard” using AAVE slang, writing, “I think the issue here is the double standard…it’s cool and trendy for non-blacks to talk like that but blacks are still reprimanded for using aave even though they made it up.”

Another Twitter user chimed in, “I can see why people don’t think it’s that bad, but to me it’s just annoying because at the end of the day black people are definitely discriminated against for using AAVE.

“Technically she’s not hurting anyone BUT she’s perpetuating a mess and I female dog her for that.”

The double standard argument continued when someone remarked, “Do you know how many black kids in my school have been told they’ll never have or be anything because they talk like that.”


While many fans have called on the Disney star to apologize for using slang, others have come to his defense.

In response to the video, one person wrote: “While I understand where everyone is coming from on this, I believe a lot of this slang she uses is from social media (mainly tiktok) these these days, and I feel like it fits into so much popular vocabulary. You can’t get away from it :/ (coming from a black woman).”

Another added: “Don’t people realize that if you’re brought up in an environment where everyone uses words like ‘homegirl, gurl, sis, etc. to be. Please touch the grass. “

A compilation video of Olivia using slang was shared on Twitter


A compilation video of Olivia using slang was shared on Twitter
Fans rushed to Twitter to slam the star


Fans rushed to Twitter to slam the starCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Some fans have come to the singer's defense


Some fans have come to the singer’s defenseCredit: Reuters


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