ORTHODOX Releases New Track “Dissolve”; Streaming music videos


Nashville metal band Orthodox have just released their new track and music video for “Dissolve.” Watch the clip below.

“Time kills everything,” says frontman Adam Easterling.

Orthodox will release their new full album, Learning To Dissolve, on August 19 via Century Media Records. Pre-orders are available here.

List of ways to learn how to dissolve:

“Feel It Linger”
“Head on a Peak”
“Becoming Divine”
“Digging Through Glass”
“Nothing to see”
“1 1 7 6 2”
“Quickly Asleep”
“All I Am”
“Voice in the Chorus”

Video “Head On A Spike”:

The sound of Orthodox is the opposite of what most associate with the laid-back energy and twang country of their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Orthodoxy’s distinct brand of nu-metal-tinged hardcore metal carved out its own path with its Century Media debut album, Learning to Dissolve. Learning to Dissolve is the punctuation of a journey that began with 2017’s Sounds of Loss. to the blunt howls of Easterling, à la Jonathan Davis. But, like their sonic brethren in Knocked Loose or Vein.FM, while the influence of the 90s/00s is there, Orthodox doesn’t just pay homage to their influences, it goes beyond them.

Written during the global pandemic and global shutdown of 2020, Learning to Dissolve was born out of frustration. That is, until Easterling and guitarist Austin Evans started to really dig. in creative overdrive, ripping through their songs.

While 2019’s Let It Take Its Course focused on the duality of love and anger, Learning to Dissolve was born out of intense self-reflection. It digs deeper than most metal or hardcore records. Unsurprisingly, this ethos has echoed throughout Orthodoxy’s existence as a band, whose members past and present come from backgrounds rooted in straight-edge hardcore.

Orthodox is:

Adam Easterling (vocals)
Austin Evans (guitar)
Shiloh Krebs (bass)
Mike White (drums)

(Picture – Nick Luck)


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