Phoebe Bridgers makes smashing debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’ [Videos]


Phoebe bridgers was the featured musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, where the talented freelance guitarist / singer gave viewers live performances of “Kyoto” and “I Know the End”. Both original songs appeared on Bridgers’ Grammy nominees punisher studio album (“Kyoto” is also up for “Best Rock Song”).

Dressed in their signature skeleton outfits, Bridgers and her group made their way through the opening performance of “Kyoto” to launch it. SNL start. The music moved forward with the added help of a small brass section that came alive during the chorus lines to add color alongside the slightly distorted guitars.

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Watch the Bridgers & Company’s “Kyoto” opening performance below.

Phoebe Bridgers – “Kyoto” – Saturday Night Live

[Video: Saturday Night Live]

For her second performance of the evening with “I Know the End,” Bridgers returned to the stage after swapping her skeleton-inspired outfit for a black beaded dress to match the song’s softer, melancholy intro. Bridgers and his band played their way through the independent ballad as the music continued its gradual crescendo to a satisfying garage rock climax, Bridgers even going so far as to devastate his guitar at the end of the song.

Watch the performance of “I Know the End” in its entirety below.

Phoebe Bridgers – “I Know The End” – Saturday Night Live

[Video: Saturday Night Live]


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