Roxy Music, Jimmy Eat World and more live videos to watch at home


Basically, no shows are taking place due to the coronavirus outbreak (although some artists are doing live streams instead), but if you’re already watching a show, or just need a ‘a brief distraction from the craziness of the world right now, luckily there’s YouTube which has an incredible range of live footage from all over pop music history, film clips from concerts, TV performances and live music. other professionally shot footage, to tons of fan-shot videos from shows. If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve selected some of our favorites. Here are five more:

Roxy Music @ The Musikladen Studio, 1973

The original Roxy Music lineup took a leap forward by releasing their debut album in 1972, then releasing both Failed and At your service in 1973. That’s where this German TV performance was filmed from, while Brian Eno was still making weird synthesizer noises and tape loops, and the band looked like they were from another planet (incredible). It’s a short set of four songs, but the quality is fantastic as they “Do the Strand”, Editions of You”, “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” and “Remake/Remodel”. [Bill Pearis]

The Specials @ Colchester Institute, Essex, 1979

Hot from their now classic debut album, 2 Tone Ska frontmen The Specials appeared on the BBC Rock goes to college series in 1979, heartbreaking “Do the Dog”, “Monkey Man”, “Rich Girl”, “Blank Expression”, “It Doesn’t Make it Alright”, “Concrete Jungle”, “Too Much, Too Young”, ” Nite Club”, “Gangsters”, and more. The Specials were a dynamite live band in their home state, and their energy is still infectious. When a few dozen kids join the group on stage at the end of the set to dance, we kinda want to be there too. [Bill Pearis]

Jimmy Eat World @ Skater’s World, Wayne, NJ – 12/05/1997

Before Jimmy Eat World were the polished professionals they are today, they were a hungry, modest underground emo band and this 1997 video perfectly captures the charm of that era. (The children stand up played this show too.) Jim Adkins and Tom Linton were still sharing vocals at the time (and Jim even shouts!), and although Clarity wouldn’t be out for over a year, they’ve played a few songs from that album and it’s been a treat to hear those great early renditions of those now very familiar songs. Jimmy Eat World is still a great band today, but those days are long gone and there’s still something special about revisiting it. [Andrew Sacher]

Touche Amore @ The Regent, Los Angeles, LA – 2018-02-16

Post-hardcore greats Touche Amore made three of our favorite punk/emo albums of the 2010s, and they have a new album on the way (which hopefully won’t be delayed too much by the coronavirus), and their gigs. are at least as powerful as their albums. It’s a razor sharp live band and by the end of every gig you’ve probably lost your voice and been drenched in your own and everyone else’s sweat and while nothing can quite replicate the fact to be there, this live album/film (from their 1000th show) from 2018 does a really good job of bringing you back to those times. [Andrew Sacher]

Janelle Monae @ Rock in Rio, 09/29/2011

Janelle Monae was a star right from the release of her debut album, The Archdroid, in 2010. While her live show has become more elaborate, with more spectacular audio-visual elements, over the years, she was equally exciting in her early career, when she mostly stuck to an entirely in black and white. This Rock in Rio show is composed almost entirely of songs by The Archdroidas well as covers from his mentor Prince and The Jackson 5, and it’s a great watch and listen (although you might want to skip “Faster”, which has some major issues with the video fast-forwarding throughout). long). [Amanda Hatfield]

For more of our favorite live videos, head here.


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