SABATON releases a new single “Livgardet”; Streaming music videos


On the 500th anniversary of one of the world’s oldest military establishments – the Swedish Royal Guard – metal giants Sabaton return with an epic hymn to celebrate this commemoration while satisfying the wish of thousands of fans to sing in Swedish again . This is the first new music released since Sabaton’s hit album The Great War hit the charts in multiple countries at No.1 in 2019, and it’s just the tip of the hat. iceberg for what one of today’s biggest metal groups has up its sleeve for 2021.

Today, Sabaton is releasing his new single, “Livgardet”, on all digital platforms and unveiling the song’s official music video. Listen here, and watch the clip below.

At the same time, the group announces the new single “The Royal Guard” and launches the pre-order of the limited vinyl edition of the single which will be released on April 9th. This 12 ” comes with a beautifully engraved B side. , noble gold leaf prints and relief illustrations, and contains both the English version of the track – “The Royal Guard” as well as the Swedish version “Livgardet”. For a strictly limited edition, the group even toured the pressing plant and created a special vinyl that will contain real gunpowder.

Pre-order the vinyl here. Pre-register “The Royal Guard” on digital platforms here.

“Since 2012 and Carolus Rex, we have been looking forward to writing more songs in Swedish, and we felt we were not done with our homeland history,” reflects bassist and co-composer Pär Sundström on the new song. “Over the past few years we chatted around topics until something obvious came up. One of the oldest military regiments in the world, the Swedish Royal Guard (Livgardet), was formed in the Sabaton’s home region in Sweden, Dalecarlia, in 1521 by the legendary Swedish King Gustav Vasa.

“Over the past 500 years, they have evolved over time and served under various kings and queens across the world and are still active today. We thought such an anniversary deserved a song, and we wanted to write a respectful tribute, a hymn for this Swedish regiment and its heritage.

“The rich 500 years of history are, needless to say, extremely difficult to fit into a single song, and that is why we have mainly focused on the games and battles that unfolded during the era of l Swedish Empire. We wanted to write a respectful tribute, a powerful hymn, to this Swedish regiment and its remarkable heritage. “

So get ready to salute a 500-year-old legacy and prepare for a year filled with countless surprises, new history lessons and musical and visual thrills from a band that continues to surpass themselves.


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