SABATON Releases New Single “The Unkillable Soldier”; Official release of music videos


Sabaton has released their new single, “The Unkillable Soldier”. A music video of the track can be viewed below.

“The Unkillable Soldier” tells the story of Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart. He was of Belgian descent but fought for the British Empire in World War I. Wounded several times, he became known as “the man who couldn’t be killed”. It is the third single from the band’s forthcoming album, The War To End All Wars. The song is available for streaming on all digital music platforms.

Sabaton’s tenth album, The War To End All Wars, will be released March 4 via Nuclear Blast Records. Once again, Sabaton will dive deep into the atrocities, miracles and events surrounding World War I and take the listener on an emotional and thrilling 11-track ride.

Pre-order the album here.

The War To End All Wars will be available in the following formats:

– Jewel case CD
– Limited Gold CD [Supporter Edition – various versions with translated booklets]
– Historical Edition
– Exclusive NB Mailorder Edition [ltd. to 1500 copies]
– Earpiece [limited to 6000 copies]
– Black vinyl
– Azure blue vinyl [bandshop exclusive, ltd. to 300 copies]
– Inca Gold Vinyl [bandshop exclusive, ltd. to 500 copies]
– Copper Vinyl [ltd. to 500 copies]
– Neon orange vinyl [ltd. to 500 copies]
– Leaf green vinyl [Sweden exclusive]
– Neon yellow vinyl [Ginza exclusive]
– Twilight Vinyl [Levik exclusive]
– Soft gray vinyl [Nordics exclusive]
– Vinyl Lavender [FNAC exclusive]
– Rosewood vinyl [Mystic exclusive]
– Neon Green Vinyl [UK exclusive]
– Pacific Blue Vinyl
– Polar white vinyl [limited to 300 copies]
– Dewdrop vinyl [limited to 500 copies, EMP exclusive]
– Blue Cassette [limited to 100 copies, bandshop exclusive]
– Green cassette [limited to 100 copies]
– Gray cassette [limited to 300 copies]
– Red cassette [limited to 500 copies]
– Black Cassette [limited to 250 copies]
– Smoked Cassette [limited to 200 copies]
– White cassette [limited 100 copies]

The War To End All Wars track list:

“The Invincible Soldier”
“Sky Soldier”
“Hell’s Fighters”
“Race to the Sea”
“Lady of Darkness”
“The Valley of Death”
“Christmas Truce”

“Soldier Of Heaven” Lyric Video:

Video “Sky Soldier”:

Video of the animated story “Christmas Truce”:

“Christmas Truce” Lyric Video:

Clip “Christmas Trick”:

After a 29-date Swedish tour, Sabaton will mark the release of the new album on March 4 with The Tour To End All Tours, a massive five-week European trek backed by The Hu and Lordi. Full dates and ticket information are available here.

(Photo – Tim Tronckoe)


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