Say Anything, Hot Rod Circuit and more live videos to watch at home


Basically, no shows are taking place due to the coronavirus outbreak (although some artists are doing live streams instead), but if you’re already watching a show, or just need a ‘a brief distraction from the craziness of the world right now, luckily there’s YouTube which has an incredible range of live footage from all over pop music history, film clips from concerts, TV performances and live music. other professionally shot footage, to tons of fan-shot videos from shows. If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve selected some of our favorites. Here are five more:

Hot Rod Circuit & Say Anything (Acoustic) @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn – 01/14/2007

In January 2007, the same year, Say Anything would later be released In defense of gender and Hot Rod Circuit would go on hiatus, vocalists from both bands – Max Bemis and Andy Jackson – performed an acoustic gig together at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. Most excitingly, they teamed up to perform Hot Rod Circuit’s “Consumed By Laziness” together, but that show was also exciting because Max debuted a few In defense of gender songs before the release of the album, and it’s always a treat to hear these songs in these stripped-down early forms. (I particularly recommend the acoustic version of “About Falling” which he performed at this show.) Max and Andy also played tons of older favorites, and although I couldn’t find a video of the set , I rounded off as much of this very special show that I could find in this playlist. [Andrew Sacher]

Samiam @ CBGB – 10/22/1994

Berkeley emo/punk veterans Samiam had been picked up by the label’s big feeding frenzy in the early 90s and had released their only album for Atlantic, Clumsy, in 1994. The deal with the major label didn’t last long, but they put Atlantic’s budget to good use and released what is now one of their most classic albums. “Capsized” became a minor hit, and they performed it on a legendary Jon Stewart Show appearancebut as awesome as it was to watch Samiam rip it on TV, they were definitely more comfortable at a place like CBGB, where they ripped tons of favorites from Clumsy (and Rise and bowl) that same year. [Andrew Sacher]

Rainer Maria @ Fireside Bowl, Chicago – 03/28/1997

This Chicago concert by Rainer Maria predates their first LP, Search for used items, per month – it was released in December of the same year. It’s a compelling look at the band’s early days, with the seeds of raw potential already firmly planted. [Amanda Hatfield]

Echo & The Bunnymen @ Royal Albert Hall July 18, 1983

Echo & The Bunnymen were at the top of their game in this 1983 show filmed at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. They definitely brought their A-game, armed with a string section and a bucket of good songs. “It’s a new one,” Ian McCulloch says as he introduces “The Killing Moon” (played faster than you might have heard it before) which would end in 1984. ocean rain, and preview “Silver” from this album as well. Other highlights: the moody, hard-hitting “All My Colors (Zimbo)”, a searing version of “The Cutter” and one of their classic extended renditions of “Do It Clean” where Ian works on lyrics for other songs (this ended on their Echo sound / Never stop PE). Bonus: Lots of great 80s looks on stage and in the crowd.

Troubles at Khyber Pass 03/13/1992

This is a recently unearthed and uploaded show from the cult indie rock heroes of DC Unrest, playing at Philly’s Khyber Pass, which was one of the best little clubs in town for most of the 90s and 2000s. Mark Robinson, Bridget Cross and the rest of the band sound great here, alternating between their dreamy/drony hypnotic numbers and maniacal janglepop hits like “Suki”, “Cath Carroll” and “Cherry Cream On”.

For more of our favorite live videos, head here.


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