Snapchat will start connecting you to live concerts


Snapchat unveiled a new partnership with Ticketmaster on Wednesday that will make staying on top of shows and inviting friends a little easier. The in-app Mini – a sort of micro-app inside the Snapchat app – operates much like a dating service and can curate a selection of local shows tailored to individual users’ interests.

Users are first asked to complete a small survey, which allows the app to compile a list of artists and events they might like. They can then swipe right or left depending on whether there is interest in the show and see if any of their Snapchat friends also liked the event. Snap Maps will also show upcoming concerts and events nearby.

Snapchat’s popularity with those under 25 gives it a unique edge in the live music arena. Snap Inc. has grown in popularity recently, gaining in the last quarter of 2021. The platform has already made its mark on the music space, teaming up with Universal Music Group last year to launch a . Snapchat only rivals TikTok as the Gen Z app of choice, but the latter stood out for its ability to create both new and old songs. Since Snapchat’s strength lies in connecting people in more intimate networks, a tool that associates users with shows and lets them invite friends makes more sense.

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