SPIRITBOX will release its first album in September; Broadcast of the music video “Secret Garden”


Right after the announcement of their debut album, Spiritbox released the official music video to accompany their latest single, “Secret Garden”. Watch the video below and find the song on streaming platforms.

Speaking on the release of the new track, singer Courtney LaPlante said, “I think it’s the most scared that I have to release a song because I realize that we keep releasing music. in the unique format, listeners can begin to assume what kind of band we are, and are alarmed when we fail to meet those assumptions. I want to continue to show the fluidity inherent in heavy music, and even if only that. ‘part of a full set of works that may not sound like this song exactly, it’s a song we love and obsess over. I celebrate the variation.’ Secret Garden ‘is exciting to me, for this reason I’m scared but I can’t wait, like I’m about to take the big jump on a roller coaster, and I fully accept that.

Spiritbox to release debut album, Eternal Blue, on Friday, September 17, with pre-orders available here. The group sold all pre-orders of limited vinyl variants within the first 24 hours of the announcement and going on sale.

List of tracks:

“Sun killer”
“To hurt you”
The exploit of the “yellow vest”. Sam carter
“The top”
“Secret garden”
“Silk in the strings”
“Holy roll”
“Eternal blue”
“We live in a strange world”
“Circle with me”

Video “Secret garden”:

Named after a device some believe capable of communicating with the dead, there is a sense of the paranormal running through everything Spiritbox does, but this is a group of artists who are bursting with life and creating something remarkable thing with their music.

Characterized by fierce intensity, unwavering emotion and technical splendor, their full debut album Eternal Blue is destined to cling to the hearts and minds of those who hear it. It’s this bond between fan and artist that drives Courtney, Mike and Bill in everything they do as the Spiritbox phenomenon continues to gain momentum. The album also features a special appearance by Architects frontman Sam Carter on the track “Yellowjacket”.

After touring the world several times with their previous bands – metal band iwrestledabearonce (Courtney and Mike) and pop punk band Living With Lions (Bill) – Spiritbox has absorbed the ups and downs of life as that active musicians and decided to try a different style and more sustainable approach when it comes to releasing their music. In doing so, they quickly gained a cult following online, which led to over 75 million broadcasts across all platforms and sales with every physical release and most of the merchandising items they posted at. this day. Towards the end of 2020, they announced that they had signed with world famous label Rise Records in partnership with Pale Chord.

(Photo – Travis Shinn)


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