The 10 greatest musical tours in history


For musical artists, tour has always been a reliable source of income. This remains the case to this day. In a world where even the most well-known artists struggle to make a living from Spotify streams, live tours are a vital source of income, even though they often cost more money than they bring in. Of course, there are always artists who push things to the extreme. Over the years, artists have embarked on seemingly endless tours that have earned them huge sums of money and left them completely exhausted.

Bruce Springsteen is an artist known for going on long escapades. His Magical visitwhich took place between 2007 and 2008, was one of the biggest tours of the year and won the Billboard Touring Award in 2008 for singer-songwriter.

The outing followed the practice established by Springsteen in his 2002–03 season rising tour, which saw him visit cities in North America and Western Europe. The Boss had a lot on his plate, so he ended up cutting his performance length, much to the chagrin of dedicated fans. The venture made a huge amount of money and saw Bruce perform in front of 2.1 million people. It’s a testament to the magnitude of the shows on the list below that the Magical visit doesn’t even make the top ten.

In fact, the Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Tour makes coming out of Springsteen look like a brisk walk in the park. The 2005-2007 tour saw Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts hit the road on August 10 with a surprise show in Toronto. The band then left for Boston, where the tour began in earnest at Fenway Park on August 21. The final show took place at the O2 arena in London on August 26, 2007. At some point during the outing, Keith Richards fell from a coconut tree in Fiji and suffered a serious injury, leading to the cancellation of six million-dollar shows.

It’s not just rockers who have a penchant for extended tours. From 2008 to 2009, pop deity Madonna traveled the world for her Sticky and sweet Tour, which took place in support of his album, Hard candy. The tour started in Cardiff on August 23, 2008 and ended with a show in Tel Aviv on September 2, 2009. The outing drew 3.5 million attendees, as did Cher’s Living Proof Farewell tour, which lasted between 2002 and 2005. You can check the full list below.

The ten greatest musical tours in history

  1. U2 360 degree tour (2009-2010) – 7 million viewers
  2. The rolling stones Visit to the voodoo parlor (1994-1995) – 6.3 million viewers
  3. The rolling stones Bridges to Babylon / No security visit (1997-1999) – 5.5. million attendees
  4. AC DC Black Ice Tour (2008-2010) – 4.8 million viewers
  5. The rolling stones A Bigger Bang Tour (2005-2007) – 4.6 million viewers
  6. U2 Visit to PopMart (1997-1998) – 3.9 million viewers
  7. Dear Living Proof Farewell Tour – (2002-2005) 3.5 million spectators
  8. of Madonna Sticky and sweet tour (2008-2009) – 3.5 million viewers
  9. The rolling stones Forty Licks Tour (2002-2003) – 3.4 million viewers
  10. The police Visit of Reunion (2007-2008) -3.3 million viewers

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