The show is over for UK roadies as Brexit blocks European music tours


FlybyNite, a Redditch-based operation with 180 vehicles and 250 employees, is also at risk.

Richard Brown, its transport manager, said: “About 85% of tours in Europe are by UK companies, and the industry has grown here as artists have to tour as record sales plummet.

“We have been left behind by Brexit, and our only option is to move half the fleet to the EU, which means job losses here and revenue losses for the UK government.”

FlybyNite has supported tours of stars such as Lady Gaga and Queen, but Mr Brown fears that work may now be lost to European operators.

Trade body Logistics UK has called the limit on the number of movements a “fundamental problem” for UK-based tourist carriers, and calls on the government to try to negotiate a special easement with the EU, replicating an agreement “d ‘cultural exception’ which predates the EU itself.

The transport ministry said it was “pushing for an ambitious arrangement that would have allowed artists and their support staff to work across Europe.”

A government spokesperson added: “The EU has rejected these proposals and has not made an offer that would have toured or covered the support staff that the tours rely on.”

Separately, the Culture Secretary has launched a task force aimed at overcoming obstacles faced by British artists wishing to tour Europe, now that visa-free travel has ended.


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