THERION Releases New Single “Marijin Min Nar”; Streaming music videos


With over 100 million streams and a hugely successful album released just a year ago, symphonic metal titans Therion haven’t been idle and are continuing their epic Leviathan trilogy with the gripping new single, “Marijin Min Nar”. Watch a music video below.

Christofer Johnsson comments: “When we wrote the songs for the Leviathan trilogy, it was basically me and Thomas Vikström who wrote everything. Nalle came up with a song and Christian Vidal came up with one too. But what they lacked in quantity , they did it with quality, because they both delivered a song that we thought was a good choice for a single.

Singles are usually the most commercial songs on an album, because the purpose of a single isn’t just to tease fans, but also to hook up with the general public and see if you grab any new listeners. “Marijin Min Nar” is different in this regard, as it is not one of the most commercial songs. But instead it’s a “regular” song that ourselves, the folks at Nuclear Blast, and people we know who’ve heard the album have all found one of the most likable songs on the album. album. So we thought we’d give this one a try as a single. »

With a defiant determination rarely found in a metal band, Therion always and exclusively did what he felt was right. Never did they stay true to a successful formula, never did they release the same album twice, never did they give in to capricious friends like expectations, business aspects or trends. Which makes it all the more amazing that now, 35 years into their career, they are actually doing something every fan had hoped for but never thought possible.

Step into Leviathan, step into a trilogy focusing on all the elements of the Therion brand loved by countless metal fans around the world. After part one set hearts ablaze in 2021, evoking goosebumps galore and reminiscing about the glory days of the 90s, the symphonic metal highlords continue their surprisingly likable path with their epic odyssey Leviathan II.

“We wanted to give the fans what they want this time around,” music teacher Christofer Johnsson tells us from his sunny new home in Gozo, Malta.

“We’ve done what we’ve wanted for so long that we just thought it was fair to turn the tables once.” At 50, you might misinterpret a move like this with some age softening. You couldn’t be more wrong, of course: Johnsson is still the music pioneer, seeking new challenges and a hero’s journey under every stone he turns. However, after completing the incredibly sophisticated and elaborate rock musical triple album Beloved Antichrist, even Christofer Johnsson felt he had reached a certain boundary here. “After the beloved Antichrist, I lacked direction because I had done everything I ever wanted to do or accomplish.” He sat down with lead singer Thomas Vikström to think about their next move when they quickly realized: “The only thing we ever did was give the fans exactly what they wanted,” smiles- he curtly.

Pre-order the Leviathan II album here.

List of tracks:

“Aeon of Maat”
“Litany of the Dead”
“Alchemy of the Soul”
“Lunar Colored Fields”
“Lucifuge Rofocale”
“Marijin Min Nar”
“Hades and Elysee”
“Midnight Star”
“Ice Cold Cavern”
“Codex Gigas”

Video “Pazuzu”:


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