This Raspberry Pi musical Cyberdeck performs at live concerts


We are no strangers to Raspberry pie-based on cyberdecks. We’ve actually seen quite a few over the years, but it’s hands down the grooviest we’ve ever come across. Maker and musician Benjamin Caccia has created a Pi-based cyberdeck that comes with a keyboard, but not the kind you’d normally expect.

This has a piano keyboard and a synthesizer that can be used for live musical performances. This use case is not just theoretical. Caccia uses the Raspberry Pi Music Cyberdeck with his band, Big Time Kill.

The case was designed from scratch by Caccia at Tinkercad. Some best Raspberry Pi projects use 3d printing, and this project is one of them. Caccia had his case design 3D printed by a colleague using ABS plastic filament. It houses the Raspberry Pi 4, a 7-inch touchscreen, and all of the other internal components.

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Raspberry pie

(Image credit: Benjamin Caccia)
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Raspberry pie

(Image credit: Benjamin Caccia)

From a software point of view, the system uses Patchbox operating system, an audio-focused Raspberry Pi operating system, and SunVox for synthesizer tools. MODEP handles things like mixing special effects for a guitar pedal board.

Caccia was kind enough to share all of the details on how this project is going. If you want to recreate it yourself or just want to see how it works, check out the construction guide on the official website of Benjamin Caccia.


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