VEXED will release their debut album in May; Distribution of “hideous” music videos


British alt-metal upstart Vexed immediately turned heads and took names with the release of two recent independent singles – including the dreaded “Elite” starring Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon – creating a palpable underground buzz and giving fans a good sample of what to expect in the future. Now the wait is over – the overwhelming Hertfordshire quartet has resurfaced with the announcement of their aggressive and uncompromising feature debut, Culling Culture, released on May 21 via Napalm Records.

With their terribly heavy first release, Vexed underlines its refusal to be classified in conformist sound categories. Their instrumental dagger is sharpened by relentlessly skillful technical prowess, gripping you with assertive swagger and hyper-focused brutality. Moreover, for as confident as musically, Vexed is also poignant in terms of lyrics. The album’s title, Culling Culture, and some of its content deliver the band’s unfiltered response to the latest global social phenomena of public ostracism, “cancel culture”.

Faced with very personal experiences, Culling Culture is a tribute to hate, betrayal and anger, while also reflecting post-modern society with surprisingly honest songwriting and heavy groove. Their first single, “Hideous”, accompanied by a captivating official music video, not only serves as a first taste and a vicious wake-up call, but also shows that anger can either destroy you or give you real strength. With this offer, Vexed proves the latter.

Vexed on their debut single: “It gives us great satisfaction to share with you our Grindhouse inspired music video for our first single, ‘Hideous’. Fueled by the feeling of ‘seeing red’ and having to decide how to react in them. moments of betrayal and rage, do you let your blood spill or do you just sit and wait for the murder instinct to pass? “

Watch the official music video for “Hideous” below.

Lead singer Megan Targett’s relentless vocal assault mixing venomous grunts, sweeping cleans and crisp rap deliveries (see “Fake” and “Weaponise”) is backed up by the sheer technical skill of the comrades of the group Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums), Jay Bacon (guitar) and Al Harper (bass). The instrumental warning “Ignorant” prefaces the ominous atmosphere of the record and provides a flawless basis for a shattering revival “Hideous” and fiery and menacing tracks “Fake” and “Narcissist”. Ghostly “Aurora” and “Lazarus” closer to the album and disrespectful feature Targett’s clear, multi-faceted vocal delivery while taking on otherworldly auras with resonant melodic beats. “Epiphany” mixes the two, delivering a bold message of overcoming self-loathing, while offering a contemptuously heavy “Weaponise” bubbling between violent hatred and ambient darkness.

Pre-order Vexed’s debut album, Culling Culture here.

Culling Culture will be available in the following formats:

– Digipack 1 CD
– Gatefold 1-LP vinyl (Black)
– 1-LP Gatefold Vinyl (Transparent Orange, strictly limited to 100 copies)
– 1 Digipak CD + Bundle T-shirt
– Digital album

List of tracks:


“Honorable” video:

Vexed are:

Megan Targett – vocals
Jay Bacon – guitar
Willem Mason-Geraghty – drums
Al Harper – bass

(Photo – Andy Ford)


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