XITE music video streaming app rolled out in the United States


The music video streaming service XITE officially debuted on multiple platforms in the United States today (March 12), with a catalog comprising the three major labels – Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group – as well as independent labels and distributors like Mendiants, EMPIRE, PIAS and Armada.

The app, founded in 2008 in Amsterdam and also available in Europe and the Middle East, has been rolling out to Comcast X1 Infinity, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV over the past few days and weeks, with Roku becoming available soon. and mobile and the availability of tablets in the second half of the year. The service allows users to bookmark and skip videos; create new stations and playlists by genre, era or video style; and adapts to user preferences based on viewing and appreciation history.

“Music videos continue to dominate global music streaming, and we see a huge opportunity to bring a pure and beautifully crafted music video service to the United States,” said co-CEO / co-founder Cees Honig in a report. “We’re excited to give American music fans a new way to enjoy music videos, just like we’ve done for millions of people around the world. “

XITE’s advisory board also includes music industry veterans like Jason flom, Roger faxon, Eric Boudin and Bill roedy. The service will be free, with a premium subscription service on the way later in the sprint. The price of the premium service has not yet been determined.

Addition of the US General Manager Shelly powell, “XITE aims to give fans the best possible way to experience music videos – on the biggest (or smallest) screen in the home – that they lean back and enjoy a playlist. created by our expert curators or create their own personalized channel. “

XITE | Product reel | 2019 of XITE to Vimeo.


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