You can now listen to audio or watch TikTok live video outside the app


It’s now possible to exit the TikTok app and continue watching a picture-in-picture live stream, or listen to an audio-only version.

A new ICT Tac The feature allows users to continue watching or listening to live streams after exiting the app, allowing them to use their phone as normal while enjoying the content. The idea of ​​watching videos or listening to audio while performing other tasks is common on traditional computers, but is relatively new to smartphones, especially iPhones. Google’s Android software was the first mobile operating system to introduce picture-in-picture (PIP), which turns content into a floating window that can be positioned around other apps. It continued to improve functionality over the ensuing years, and similar companies made their way to the iPhone. Apple introduced OS-level picture-in-picture support with iOS 14, allowing third-party app developers, like TikTok, to use the feature.


TikTok, the social media site owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has continued to add features to the app despite immense success in the industry. The social media app was the most downloaded across all platforms in the world in 2021, but made some crucial changes to stay ahead. It changed the maximum video length from 60 seconds to three minutes, to a surprising ten minutes with a 2022 update. TikTok has also collaborated with big names in media to allow users to create more engaging content. In March, the company partnered with Giphy to provide an extensive library of GIFs with sound, including officially licensed videos from movies and TV shows. The feature offered new ways to create vertical videos, but now the company has a new way to watch live streams.

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TikTok has added a picture-in-picture player and background audio player to its iOS and Android apps in a low-key menu, Twitter user and musician Jonah Manzano underline. The feature hadn’t been widely promoted before gaining social media attention, but offers immense opportunities for people watching live videos on TikTok. While most app users stick to the more traditional short vertical videos on the site, it’s easy to get interested in live streams on TikTok. The social media site regularly inserts live videos into users’ “For You” pages, increasing their exposure. There is a method to posting successfully on TikTok, and some people have mastered the art of filming engaging live streams.

How to enable PIP on TikTok

TikTOk live

While the ability to watch and listen to TikTok live streams outside of the app is available on iPhone and Android, enabling the feature is different on different platforms. By default, the background player is not enabled, which means videos will stop playing as soon as a user exits the app. In order to enable picture-in-picture, users will first need to open a live stream, accessed by pressing the ‘To live‘ in the top left corner of TikTok’s ‘For You’ page. On Android, just press the ‘To share’ icon will open a menu with a host of options, including ‘background player.’ In this menu it is possible to switch between using picture in picture, background audio or completely disabling the feature.

On iPhone, the process requires an extra step in the app. After opening a live stream and pressing the ‘To share‘, users will need to press the ‘ iconSettings’ switch to the row of menu options. A switch will appear to enable or disable’picture in picture‘, which allows users to watch TikTok live streams outside of the app. Although there is no setting to automatically hide the video stream while still playing audio, the native iOS picture-in-picture player can be hidden by swiping to the edges of the screen . The picture-in-picture option for live streams is a simple solution for multitasking while enjoying content, but it’s quick to leave users wanting a similar option for regular broadcasts. ICT Tac videos.

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Source: Jonas Manzano/Twitter

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