YouTube revamps design with tabs for short, long and live videos


Photo credit: YouTube

YouTube is redesigning to give each of its formats a separate tab on channel pages. Short, long and live videos are now separated.

This design divides YouTube content into three different categories that it offers. The changes give users access to the type of content they want to watch – a common complaint with the introduction of YouTube Shorts. Now, the “Videos” tab is for long-form online videos, the “Shorts” tab is for short videos, and the “Live” tab is for past, current, and upcoming live streams.

The accolade has interrupted the working of long-form content on the YouTube mobile app, which not everyone appreciates. Now, YouTube has a dedicated space for users to scroll through unlimited YouTube short movies.

“Based on your feedback, we’re starting to roll out separate tabs for Shorts, Live Streams, and Long Videos on all channel pages,” the feedback forum bed. “We’ve heard this will make it easier for viewers to discover the types of content they care about the most when exploring a creator’s channel page, so we’re excited to bring this to you all.”

Going forward, YouTube Shorts and Live Streams will no longer appear in the Videos tab. YouTube says the update is rolling out today and may take a few weeks to reach everyone as the rollout is happening in phases. The proliferation of YouTube Shorts went better for Google than Instagram Reels a for Meta. While engagement is up across the board, most people seem to prefer TikTok or YouTube Shorts for their video content. Instagram also alienated longtime users who primarily used the site to share photos.

YouTube also recently made a change to bring channels back to the username @format. Usernames allow creators to identify their channel and interact with users on YouTube Shorts, channel pages, and more. Usernames are distinct, so you always know you’re interacting with the real owner of the channel rather than an impostor.


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